What started out as Jilbabs online back in 2015, has now gracefully evolved into
Nuraah. Nuraah is derived from the Arabic word ‘Nur’ which basically
translates to The Divine Light or Radiance. At Nuraah we combine the
illuminating properties of light with hard work and skill to bring our
esteemed customers premium quality clothing that exhibits radiance. Over
the course of half a decade, Nuraah has become more like a family rather
than a business venture.

We are a close-knit group with communal beliefs of
humility, dedication, commitment and glamour. All of the clothes offered at
Nuraah go through a carefully thought out process of quality checks to
ensure that a superior standard of quality is always met. From our charming
embroidered abayas to floral hijabs and enchanting kimonos, we take special
measures to make sure that quality is never compromised at Nuraah.

A Range of Aesthetic, Alluring and Astounding Clothing For All

We offer an extensive collection of supreme quality clothing lines ranging from abayas, overcoats, hijab and hijab accessories to skirts and much
more. Nuraah considers modesty an underrated virtue and strives to create
a variety of fine Islamic clothing with modest styles and top-notch quality all
at extremely low prices. All of our clothing items are products of art created
with the help of our team’s creative intellect, luxury materials and intricate

Nuraah follows a strict code of ethical conduct and operates on
commendable and immaculate business practices. We consider complete
honesty and total transparency the keys to success in all our endeavours.
We invite our valued customers to put their confidence in not only our
extremely high standards of quality but also our righteous principles and the
drive to give back to the community. Nuraah considers environmentally
friendly operations and supporting local charities an important aspect of any
business. We work tirelessly for the welfare of our customers, employees
and community.

Nuraah, A Representation of Sophistication, Elite Taste and
Extraordinary Craft!

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